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Become an Owner

Enjoy your holidays while making your investment profitable with Oceanic Rentals.

¿Why with us?

Our experience in the tourist rental sector and our deep knowledge of the Costa Blanca make us have a high criterion of pre-selection in terms of the properties we offer to people interested in buying a home on the beach. We know perfectly the tastes and needs of the guests that visit our accommodations, which allows us to know when a home has tourist potential or not. We only work with properties overlooking the sea or located very close to beaches or coves of high tourist and scenic interest. One of the characteristics of this type of housing is that they generate income to their owners quickly and safely, which allows comfortably face the monthly payments of a mortgage, if necessary. Once you have become an owner and only if you wish, we will take care of the management of the vacation rental of your home, and you will see how quickly your investment monetize. Check our services as rental agency without any commitment.

The system in 4 steps

Viability form

The potential buyer must fill out a short form at the bottom of this page so that our team can assess the viability of the purchase project based on banking criteria and purchasing power (free).

Pre-selection of properties

If the project is viable, a pre-selection of between 8 and 10 properties that fit the budget and tastes of the potential buyer will be prepared. This work is the most laborious and the one that consumes more resources, for which it is charged € 90.

Organization of visits

Once a definitive list of properties with has been agreed with the buyer, the visits are organized according to the buyer’s availability in one or two days.

Professional assistance for the purchase

If the buyer finally finds what he is looking for and decides to purchase his property on the beach, Oceanic Rentals will accompany and advise him at all times until he can enjoy it. In this case the € 90 paid in section 2 would be returned to the buyer.

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